Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A whole new me?

Well, it's been a while. Like many things, I never finished my thirty day challenge... well at least with a blog. Decided I am going to change things up on here..

Tonight I can't sleep. I think it's because my life has gone completely stale. I never thought I would still be sitting around, wasting my time in this awful city. I so want out!
The subject of tonight's insomnia is regret of playing it safe. I hate how things have been going lately and really have no clue what to change. Should I move? Should find some new friends? get a hobby? I don't know. I wish answers were little easier to come by. Kind of wish I had a bit of a safety net by now, so running wouldn't be so tricky.

I don't know what to do with myself and I don't know how to figure that out either. Saving money and I know something needs to happen soon. I am truly turning into a lost soul.

It feels like I have missed a lot of good opportunities, but I couldn't actually name one at the same time. Is this what a quarter life crisis is?

Hopefully some sleep will come soon and answers will follow. We shall see.

On the vegan front, things going very well. Although the weakness for creme brule and cheese still kicking around. I know as long as I plan it all out, I can stick with it. Made some brownies tonight... they small yummy. May have a breakfast brownie tomorrow... Will the brownie answer these questions?

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