Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Eating out... Part II - Banff

I know I said I would get back on track with meal planning last week, but this did not happen. Not even close!

I was working out in Banff for five days, so I was able to re-test the creativity of hotels in this area. Those that know me are fully aware of my issues eating in hotels. I find that even when I let them know ahead of time that I am vegan, there is little to no thought put into what is served. Most meals are just meals with the sauce and meat removed or my favourite, roasted vegetables on grains.

I actually love roasted vegetables, but eat it for eight meals in a row and then see if you still love it!

I was staying at the Banff Springs Hotel and I was pleasantly surprised in the restaurant. I let my server know I was vegan and they had a whole printed menu available called the Life Style Menu. There were only a few options I could eat, but I can't tell you how welcoming it felt to walk in and not have to modify the menu or explain what vegan is.

They had a raw dish that was vegan, two vegan ones and a couple others that could have sauces swapped to make vegan. I heard there was a vegan cake on the menu too, but sadly I did not get to sample it. I guess I will have to go back!

Another thing that was very cool about the hotel is that if you join the president's club, you can add dietary requests to your account. This way when you go to the hotel, they are already aware and hopefully will plan accordingly. I was able to have soy milk in my room and at the meeting a planned for no extra charge.

OK enough about the Springs. All in all, it was much better than previous trips to the mountains meal-wise.

I also went and ate at The Eddie Burger + Bar. They have a make your own burger menu and it includes a pretty tasty veggie burger. I made my burger southwest style with avocado, salsa, red onions, lettuce and tomato. The burger was one of the messiest meals I have had in a while, but it was good. I am not sure if that was a homemade paddy or not, but it looked like one and had potato in it, which I really liked.

Eddie Burger Bar - Photo Credit: Urban Spoon

Another night I went out to Chaya and got some tasty udon noodle and umeboshi rice balls. It was a long day and this honestly was serious comfort food. Carbs, salt, warm. Yum. This restaurant is really affordable and also had some decent veggie sushi choices. I did not get to try even though the avocado rolls looked amazing!

Photo Courtesy of Urban Spoon

I got a great comment on a previous blog about writing on grocery shopping. Thanks Laura! That is what is coming next and maybe a new recipe. I have not forgotten that I need to make some cookies!

I love to hear other suggestions for post, email or send me a comment with ideas.


  1. Which restaurant did you eat at at the Springs? There are a few. I'll be there next week (been there a few times before but not since embarking on the vegan journey).

  2. At the spring the Rundle Lounge and the Bow Valley Grill had some good vegan options. When I went to the grill for breakfast, they had a chef come and walk me through the buffet to show me what I could eat. They also offered to make me something if I prefered.

    Highly recommend the oatmeal and baked apple and peach. Really good!

    In the lounge, ask them for a lifestyle menu. It has 2 or 3 vegan options.

    For the other restaurants, I did not try, but they were really accomodating if you asked them.

    Have a good time in Banff!