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Vegan Milk Part III: Rice

Vegan Milk Part I: Hemp

Vegan Milk Part II: Almond

I am very excited to be on part three of the vegan milks. Unfortunately, my camera died last night and sadly I have no pictures now until further notice. Sad.. yes, but really milks seem to look pretty similar and the way they are made follows a pretty simple formula. The only thing that seems to change is whether you need to soak or cook down the grain, nut or seed before you pulverize and strain.

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I thought this would be my last vegan milk to try, but I realized that with such a basic formula; I can really take anything I want and attempt to make a milk with it. The mad scientist within me is rejoicing!

Before I get carried away with what is coming up, let's get to the next vegan milk on the menu: Rice

Rice milk seems so easy. I figured you just soaked and processed like the almond milk. I found out, however, this is not the case. Most of what I read said to cook the rice from anywhere from 1 - 3 hours and cool it before making the milk. So after much reading, I decided on the following recipe.

Vegan Rice Milk Makes about 1 litre
  • 1/2 cup rice (White or brown, long grain preferred. I used white)
  • 6 - 6 1/2 cups water
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla or a vanilla bean
  • 1-2 Tbsp maple syrup, brown rice syrup or agave
  • pinch of salt
To make this recipe, set aside some time. First take your rice and combine with the water in a large pot. Bring it to a boil and then simmer on low heat for one hour. After the hour is up, give it a good stir, add the vanilla and stir again. Cover and let it cool off completely.

once cool pour the mixture into your blender and blend for 1-2 minutes on high. While it is blending set up your straining station. Have a large bowl ready with a strainer resting on top. Cover the strainer with cheese cloth with enough that you can pick up the corners.

Next, pour the mixture through the cheese cloth and strainer. Pick up the corners and squeeze all the liquid out. Once all the liquid is in the bowl add the maple syrup and more water if it is too thick. Stir well and put int he fridge to chill before serving.

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Now, before you go making this I have to share some concerns I have. First this was the first time that there was no sediment left over when I strained the milk. The milk on first glance seems a bit glutenous and a little thick. I added another cup of water to thin it out a bit. Second concern is that using white rice seems to make it sweeter then I was hoping. I think thinning it out with the water will help though.

I am leaving it overnight to see how it does. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Well it is morning now and the milk is icy cold. The consistency is still not quite right. It is a bit too thick, but I think anymore water would make it lack flavour. The taste is right, however. I know I am close... Perhaps using white rice was the mistake? I really only used it because I have a big bag of white and don't really eat it. I am a brown rice girl all the way.

On the plus side, this recipe made more milk than the others did and I don't think the straining station was necessary as it didn't really catch anything.

Stay tuned for another update, I am going to redo this one with Brown rice and see what happens.

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