Thursday, October 4, 2012

No Post Today and the Thanksgiving Challenge

In the spirit of posting every day, I am posting just to tell you I won't be posting today. I will tell you all that I am working on a vegan thanksgiving dinner though...

The Plan: I am serving dinner to at least two non vegans. not only non-vegan, but pretty big meat eaters.

The Goal: Get everyone at the table to admit that Thanksgiving dinner can be vegan and delicious... and to have no one attempt to call KFC because my food didn't cut it.

Bonus: Get someone to agree that vegan Thanksgiving is yummier than non vegan Thanksgiving

What am I going to make?

I was thinking Tofurkey, probably something similar to The Kind Diet's, Cranberry sauce (homemade of course), gravy, Smashed potatoes, brussel sprouts (Probably sauteed with apples and cranberry), green bean casserole (This is brand new to me. Never had it before!) possibly carrots because they feel necessary, pumpkin pie (Likely with a store bought crust, but we'll see..) and cookies.

This is going to be a lot. I have never made an entire thanksgiving meal before and I not cooking in my own kitchen. On top of that, this could be a make it or break it for introducing vegan food to 20 something meat eaters.

I will have a full report on Saturday. I figure at worst, I will have a good meal even if they don't.

Wish me luck!


  1. Hope it goes well and don't forget the photos! We don't do Thanksgiving in Australia so I'll just drool over pics :)

  2. yikes! that's a tall order! you're cooking the entire meal? good luck!!

  3. Good luck! Good luck!

    The nice thing about vegan Thanksgiving is that once you get people past the whole no-turkey thing, the rest of the meal is fundamentally familiar.