Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One Pasta, Two Sauces

Tonight is the one night I had nothing going on after work. I did end up making it to my first swim practice last night and I am just as out of shape as I thought I was. Which I guess is good because I am not living in denial, but not so good because I really am horrifically out of shape! I ran into my old coach there and she is swimming in my lane. Really cool to see her again... puts the pressure on to come back.

Today I was kind of tired and it was snowing. I did not want to make anything for dinner, but luckily my sister called and told me vegan feast was on at her place tonight. Basically that usually means that her husband is not around (though sometimes he partakes in the vegans feasts too) and that she is making vegan dinner for her kids. I am not ever one to pass up free food. I was there immediately after work. She was making pasta and had made a tomato sauce and an avocado sauce. The avocado sauce, I have posted on before. This time she didn't have quite enough avocado for the amount of garlic and lemon in the sauce... so we had to think on our feet and ended up adding chickpeas to it to mellow out the flavour! It worked and we ended up with a nice mild tomato sauce and a flavour packed garlicky avocado sauce. She ended the meal with an awesome chocolate chip zucchini bread. Seriously could not ask for a better way to end the day.

The tomato sauce comes from a blog my sister reads called Around This Table. My sister veganized this recipe by simply using a vegetable stock instead. The idea of using chickpeas in a tomato sauce is brilliant. It adds a little more substance to a basic sauce without using fake meats which never taste as good as you think they will.

The avocado sauce was from Oh She Glows. Again she followed the basic recipe except with the addition of the chickpeas. We used about half a can in addition to the recipe. What an easy way to thicken a sauce.

Finally ready for dinner, my nephews were hungry and ready to eat, I decided to just combine the sauces together. They both had similar ingredients, so I figured they might work. Flavour-wise they were an amazing combo, made the simple pasta so much more fancy. The colour after stiring the sauces together was not the prettiest though. Red and Green do not make for a nice colour.
Sauce combo - took this from good sauce to awesome sauce

All together this dinner was super easy to make. the sauces take hardly any time at all. The avocado sauce does not keep well, but the tomato sauce could be frozen and saved for another time. It never hurts to have a ready made sauce in the freezer. I don't post many pictures of my family on here, but I figure this dish got a seal of approval from the kids. This is Henry and he approved this recipe.
Henry's Angry Vegan Debut - He is enjoying the vegan feast!

Official seal of approval

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