Friday, September 5, 2014

Cafe Caribe - Happy find in downtown

Cafe Caribe This little restaurant popped I think sometime in the winter/spring 2014. It is right across the street to my work. I walk by it to get to my bus and they always have a sign out front saying Vegan Roti. I have been wanting to go forever and just never did. Mostly because I try to bring a lunch every day.

So finally a few weeks ago my sister and I gave ti a try. To sum it up, good food.. island service. When you approach Cafe Caribe they have super tinted windows and it makes look like no one is home, but when you go inside there is a nice warm vibe. We were greeted by presumably the owner. She said that the server was not in yet (We went right when they opened at 11:30 and I think the server shows up at 12….). She was very welcoming and got us to a table. By this time the server is in and takes our order. Took about 20-25 minutes to get our food. In some cases I don’t mind a longer wait time if I know the food is good. To me, it makes me think someone is actually back there cooking something not just heating up prepped food. I like that.

However, at lunch right in the centre of downtown, I don’t know if this is acceptable. If I had any kind of commute to get there, I would be late getting back from an hour lunch break. This is my biggest critque of this restaurant.

The menu only has a couple vegan options. They have the Roti which you can get for $8 or as an entree (meaning you get a salad too). The also have a vegan dessert. It looks like a cake, but I didn’t try it, so cannot be sure. I just love that there is an entree and a dessert on the menu for me. I wish they had an appetizer too. Maybe one day.

Even though the service is slow, I go back for the food. The roti is so good (I hear the non vegan ones are too). The people are nice and welcoming. Sadly it is never busy in there… I don’t know why, especially with the mexican place next door and their giant line… I would gladly sit at a quiet table and wait a little for my food and than to be pushed through the line at Tres carnales for overpriced, pretentious taco.

OK, so it will be obvious when you go try this place out, but the vegan Roti seems to be there fairly normal special… and they not the vegan dessert. I am so grateful when restaurants do this. I hate having to ask if it is vegan and then explaining what that means… and then holding up everyone’s order while they find out only to be told: No. I used to not mind, but honestly after five years, it get a little tiring being “That one” in the group.

In summary, cafe Caribe - I highly recommend. Just be care if you’re on a lunch break. I would much prefer to do here and have after work drinks anyways .

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