Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Vegan Mofo 2014 - Starting Shortly

I was not sure I wanted to do vegan Mofo. I sort of fell off blogging after mofo 2012. Not because I didn’t like it, but because food blogging is expensive and it is time consuming and I think I had a tendency to cook things that were not very healthy… or just that I had to cook everything single day and for a single person it is very tough to eat all that food!!

However, late at night on the deadline, I signed up.. so I am going to try to get some blogging done this month. I will be starting in a couple days. Getting over a cold and I need to get a game plan.

Nothing like a last minute month of writing!!

I don’t know if I have followers left, but I am always open to suggestions on topics too :)

I am planning to start by Friday.. Promise!


  1. I was a last minute joiner this year too. Happy Vegan MoFo! Hope you have a blast.

  2. You totally don't have to cook every day. Write a top ten list of your favorite dishes. Tell us about the first time you remember eating something (tofu? an unusual vegetable?) Imagine your dream dinner with your favorite author.

    The official blog has a bunch of ideas: http://www.veganmofo.com/official-daily-themes-blogging-prompts/

  3. Hello,

    I'd like to get in touch with you but couldn't find your email address.

    My name is Joe. I'm working with a bunch of other Vegan bloggers to beta test a community chat tool for blogs called Typepath. Vegansaurus, Red Hot Vegans and a bunch of others are participating and I thought you'd be interested. You have a great blog.

    In short, Typepath lets readers from across the greater vegan community chat in realtime on your blog with readers from dozens or even hundreds of other blogs that share a common interest.

    Please email me and I'll send you more information as well as links to the list of blogs that are currently hosting it.