Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Is it Vegan? Part I

Unfortunately another quick post for me tonight. Some things came up today and I ended up not cooking, spending time with the family instead. However, I wanted to be sure I posted something and what better time than now to start a series I have been meaning to work on for some time. Is it vegan? I get this question a lot. Really, a lot. There are things out there that seem vegan, but if you look closely... they are not.
Beware the hair and feathers found in this bread. Ewww...
Today I am going to keep it brief an just mention one that I recently discovered.

L-cysteine - This is an improving agent. It is found in bakery products and namely, bread. I discovered this by my sister. I don't where she heard, but she said that originally this was derived from human hair (ew) and is now coming from by products of the slaughter. Mostly from feathers.

It is in a lot of bread. Most of Safeway's bread and sandwhich bread. so far, I have not seen it in whole grain breads and pita bread which is a relief.

So beware and seriously... Is it really necessary to put human hair and/or feathers in baked goods? Why can't we just get a fresh baked bread. I don't need it to be 'improved' or presernved. I just prefer not to have hair and feathers or the crap that is derived from them in my sandwich.

Boo - If you would take out the milk protein, vegans could have this too.
Not that I support much of what Nestle makes... another rant for another day.
Another one I would like to quickly mention is casein or caseinate. It is often found in veggie cheese and meats and in non-dairy creamer. not all, but some. Again check the ingredients closely! What I don't understand is why would you make a product like soy cheese where you already have a small market in North America and then limit yourself even more by making it non-vegan? I don't get it and what ever this stuff does, I bet it isn't worth it.

That is all for now. I will be adding to this list with others and there are many.


  1. I recently found out about L-cysteine and was shocked. It is just crazy what I have been putting into my body all these years!!

  2. Safeway's bread also has a million other unnecessary ingredients (for good bread)! L-cysteine is disgusting! I'll keep an eye out for that when scanning ingredients.

  3. It is true. Man there are a lot of surprises when you read the ingredient list. This L-cysteine is particularly gross. I do not want hair and feathers in my food... even if it is just some chemical they are sucking out of it. No thanks. Just plain ol bread for me!

  4. I found out about L-cy from Bronwen!

    And oo you boycott Nestle? I try to but it's hard, they're everywhere. Remember not to get Nestle chocolate for Halloween! Or Hershey, they use child labour. Cadbury it is :)