Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pizza Pizza Pizza

Another day of not cooking. I don't like it. Not at all! I have an unexpected trip tomorrow and haven't even unpacked from the last, let alone meal plan or do groceries.

Normally in instances like this, I would hide away from the blog world and take a few days off. This time, I am trying not to do that.

I was really hoping to make a vegan pizza during Vegan MoFo, but unless that happens on Oct 31, It will be something for down the road.

Today for me was a day of pizza. It all started at lunch. The dreaded pizza lunch. This is something I fear more than almost anything of the non vegan world. Even more than going to meat-fest BBQ's. At a BBQ, I don't want to eat whatever people have there that isn't vegan. Pizza parties on the other hand... It smells so good. Grease and Fat and Bread encased in cheese. That is a tricky thing for a vegan to compete with. Especially if you are like me and you are not so big on vegan cheeses.

My work made sure they had a salad for me, but unfortunately it showed up with feta cheese all over it and even trying to pick around it, I couldn't eat it. Instead I went and found my left over rice and ate that with a vegan chocolate bar for dessert. Everyone kind of looked over and was a little angry. This is not the impression I want to send out to non vegans. I don't want them to see being vegan as a sacrifice or a struggle. Unfortunately, once in a while when you aren't prepared, this can happen.

In the future, I need to take control on these pizza lunches. I have had enough of the sad looking salad (that still has cheese on it!) any pizza place can make a vegan pizza. They may not believe, but all they have to do is leave the cheese and meat off! sometimes, it will take a little explaining, but just tell any pizza place to put tons of veggies, sauce, but no cheese. I wish I had done, this... but I didn't. Lesson learned!

It was a sad lunch for me today and all afternoon, all I could think of is pizza. I didn't have anything to make a pizza at home, so James and I headed out to Famoso Pizza. Possibly one of the best pizza places in the city.
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Over half an hour wait and we finally got in. At least while waiting, they provide wine and flatbread. Famoso has always been somewhat vegan friendly. They have a non-dairy cheese option for $2 on any pizza. They also have salads that can be done vegan. In the summer I have seen sorbetto there as well which means you, as a vegan, can go to this non-vegan labelled restaurant and happily eat a full meal. how nice is that?

Tonight, I discovered better news. They have switched their cheese to Daiya and they are no longer up-charging for it! My favourite pizza there is the Primavera Pizza. They give a very good serving of veggies and they put the cheese underneath so it stays together. You can also make your own pizza. They have hummus and bruschetta as well.

If you are looking for a vegan pizza place that delivers, you can also try Funky Pickle. They make a really good vegan pizza with tahini on it. It is good. Very Mediterranean Inspired.

Coming soon, I hope, will be my version of the ultimate vegan pizza. There will most certainly be pesto involved in this recipe. I can't wait!

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