Monday, October 17, 2011

Well, blogging is going to be a little more difficult than normal. I was hoping to post every day while I was gone, but my works web filters are not allowing me to access anything. Really frustrating.

It means that unless I can get this fixed, there will be no pictures. I am going to try and keep taking pictures and I will update everything once I am home. It is pretty frustrating and I am not really sure why I can't get access, but I am not going to let it stop me!

Today, I thought it would be a good time to talk about being a vegan in an airport. I fly quite a bit and have been to dozens of airports.

For the most part, I pack snacks. I find it easier than having to seek out food while flying. Sometimes, it is nice to just get a treat for yourself too though. Eating in airports can be a little tricky. In a pinch, I know I can always get chips, nachos, bagel or toast with peanut butter an jam (This is what I turn to when I can't find food and I am hungry!)

Here are a few airports that I have been to recently and what I found they had to offer. This obviously is not an exhausted list, but just what I have seen.

Edmonton International (YEG): I wouldn't have thought this to be the easiest airport to eat in. However, that is not the case at all! First, there are two Starbucks, so my caffeine needs are always taken care of. They also have nut and fruit to go, oatmeal (and they usually hook you up with soy milk if you want it). I also heard that the blueberry bars are vegan. I double checked this on the website and it appears true. The supplier used for them in Edmonton uses margarine that doesn't have whey or milk products. It's so nice to be able to get a treat while you waiting around. Looking for more? YEG has wok box which is vegan-friendly and can do gluten free as well.

Calgary International (YYC): Pretty similar to Edmonton, Calgary has a few choices. Most of them are in the form of french fries, but they do have a smoothie cafe. If you ask nicely and sometime direct, you can get a vegan smoothie. Beyond that, they have Starbucks and some restaurants you can get decent salads and veggie sandwiches. You can also get nachos at chili's, but they don't really give you much more than that. You can also get sushi in the food court which is nice.

Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP): I have found a few options here. There is veggie sushi in the food courts and also veggie spring rolls and stir fry's. There is, of course, Starbucks everywhere you turned. I haven't seen much else except for french fires and salads. I did ask the pizza place in the food court and they said they would do a half pizza with no cheese, but no less.

Detroit, MI: There is a martini bar in this airport that sells fattoush and it is good! For those of you that don't know what that is, it's a Lebanese salad with veggies and fried pita with a very lemony dressing. Super good!

Philadelphia, PA: I couldn't find much here. Bagels, french fries and that was about it.

Vancouver and Victoria BC: Both of these airports have globe which is vegan friendly. They can get you salad sandwich and they are pretty good. Vancouver also has sushi available and likely lots more. I don't really fly here that much and stay in the airport.

I will be doing a lot more flying soon, so I will update with information about Miami, Lima, Cuzco, LA, Seattle and Chicago.

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